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Shire of Nord du Lac

What is the S.C.A.?

The Society for Creative Anachronism is a group dedicated to the research and re-creation of the Middle Ages, from 600 CE to pre-17th Century. The SCA is a worldwide group with over 28,000 paid members. We learn and enact many different aspects of those who lived long ago. We study and re-create anything from stained glass work and pottery to calligraphy and illumination. Many of us sew our own Medieval garb. There are those of us who make our own wines and soaps. Our fighters learn sword skills, rapier and archery. Even if you only interested in observing, you will soon find a niche for yourself. If you decide to join, membership is easily obtained at the SCA Membership site.

Whom is Nord du Lac.?

Nord du Lac is a specific group within the SCA. Our name means North of the Lake, and we are located north of Lake Ponchatrain and New Orleans in Louisiana. Our members come from different parishes around the area, including St. Tammany, Washington and Tangipahoa. Join us at one of our local events!

Nord du Lac is presently an Incipient Shire. We celebrated our first birthday in August. We are striving to full Shirehood. We are a growing group. We have light and heavy fighters as well as archers. Our newsletter, The Littoral, received Honorable Mention nationally. Within our home resides The 2003 Champion of Arts for the Principality of Gleann Abhann — Lord Pol Uto and the second place winner — Lord Colm Dubh.

Awards and Recognitions for
The Incipient Shire of Nord du Lac

  • Principality of Glenn Abhann Patron of the Arts - 2002, 2003

The Society for Creative Anachronism

The Kingdom of Meridies

The Principality of Gleann Abhann

Axemoor: Our neighbors to the South in the Greater New Orleans Area

Seleone: Our neighbors to the East in the Mississippi Gulf Coast Region

Wyrmgeist: Our neighbors to the West in the Baton Rouge Area

Iron Ox: Our neighbors to the Northwest in the Jackson, Mississippi Area

Dragoun's Weal: Our neighbors to the North in the Hattisburg, Mississippi Area