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Shire of Nord du Lac

Introduction to the S.C.A.


The SCA is like unto a map of a heretofore, unexplored land filled with vast treasures. You are the traveler. Here then find some advice to assist you on your journey.

In this, the Known World of the SCA, we play the "Game" of the current Middle Ages.

The best way to learn the rules of the SCA is to come and play along with us.

You are welcome to attend any of our meetings, classes, or events & you need not be a paid member before checking us out.

Begin then your journey Forward into the Past, & into The Dream!


As a new person to The Society & to the Incipient Shire of Nord du Lac know that each of our seventeen different Kingdoms of what we refer to as the Known World has its own set of Laws & Traditions. But the Society For Creative Anachronism, Inc. as a whole has only two written "Rules" which all members need to play by:

  1. You shall conduct yourself as a Lady or Gentleman.
    (In the Society we strive to promote honor, courtesy & chivalry. As to the use of titles such as Lord or Lady, Knight, etc., these are not self proclaimed but are awarded by our ruling Monarchs to those who have first proven themselves worthy of such titles).

  2. You shall make an attempt to wear a period style garment to events.
    (As for clothing, any attempt at pre-17th cen. clothing is appreciated & acceptable. Easy things to do to improve your "look": wear boots or simple sandals rather than modern athletic shoes. Make an attempt to wear period style jewelry. Put sodas in your goblet and keep the cans out of sight. Make or purchase a pouch or basket to carry your valuables in rather than toting a modern style purse. Ladies might wish to start off with a peasant blouse and a long full skirt. Gentlemen try dark slacks or jeans with a Renaissance Fair or peasant shirt. Many people purchase or make simple T-tunics until they decide who they want to be in the SCA. In the summer you will even see folks in cooler Roman style togas.

If you return to the Nord du Lac homepage or go to the top of the sidebar to the right &click on the Society's shield it shall lead you to many links with other general info for Newcomers. Also see our " OFT ASKED QUESTIONS" below and, for local help, please contact a real live person. The Chatelaine is charged with assisting newcomers & has loaner garb (clothing) & loaner feast gear available. We also hold sewing & clothing classes or, if you are not so inclined, there are also many clothing merchants at SCA events.


What is a Populace meeting?

In the Society you will run across unfamiliar words as we have our own names for geographical locations & other things. For example, the Populace meeting is our monthly gathering, planning, brainstorming meeting where we all contribute ideas to make The Dream that is the SCA come to life. Nord du Lac's monthly populace meeting is held the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM. Contact our Seneschal or Chatelaine for the location (as of March 2003 we are meeting at the Northshore Jewish Congregation in Mandeville unless otherwise necessary).

What are Events and Tournaments? Where are they held?

Most monthly activities are held in Nord du Lac's member's homes, offices, or meeting rooms but larger gatherings require much more space.

The Society has one or two-week events such as Wars, Three-day Tournaments, and one or two-day Events. To allow for those who need to travel from afar, Tournaments begin with early registration/check on Fri. p.m.; you may also register on Sat., which has the bulk of the activities; Sun. is usually chat with friends, some meetings & business, pack up & cleanup the site day.

In this Kingdom, most of our larger events are held at wooded campgrounds where there's room for our varied activities such as fighting, fencing, classes, children's activities, Arts and Sciences competitions, archery, kitchens for cooking feast; & overnight lodging.

When you arrive, go straightway to Troll, that is our check in, where you must register. There may be a small site fee with a price break for members, those that are pre-reserved, & often for children. The site fee helps pay for the site/campground rental & any monies left over go to the treasury of the sponsoring group so that they have funds to sponsor future tournaments & events.

In the Event Notice in the newsletters you will see several prices listed: ONBOARD (on the table/ board) means you are staying for the feast. Yes, the small charge at our events includes overnight lodging & a multi-course medieval feast! OFFBOARD means you are not eating at feast, & DAY TRIP means you are not paying for a bed or a tent space and are only staying for the one activity day.

What if I don't know anyone there?

Please let everyone you meet know that you are new! We were all once new to the SCA & you will find folks in Nord du Lac happy to meet you & help you understand what is going on around you. We are a very "hands on" organization so a good way to get to know folks & enjoy the SCA experience is to get involved. Jump in & offer to assist someone. Help work at Troll or in the kitchen, attend classes, & ask questions. Remember that the SCA is an entirely volunteer run organization, so any assistance offered is always welcome.

What do I need to bring to a Tournament or Event?

Period style clothing, a chair, for large events bring feast gear & money/checks for shopping at the merchant booths or for the site fee if you have not pre-registered. If you have reserved a bed for sleeping over, bring some overnight camping items such as toiletries, a sheet, a pillow, a towel and any medications.

What in the world is feast gear?

What you need for feasting; A plate or dish and/or bowl, a tankard/mug/goblet or glass, cutlery and napkin. Other items of use; an unscented candle & candle holder, a tablecloth, salt & pepper (spices were expensive in period so everyone should be prepared to supply his own), a cloth bag or wicker picnic basket to hold everything; & plastic bags to put your dirty dishes in to keep bag/basket clean.

What if I don't have everything that looks medieval?

Worry yourself not. Part of the fun of the SCA is collecting & putting together, over time, your SCA name, persona & interesting fun period-like "stuff" to wear and use. Start by bringing & using items that do not look modern. Things made of wood, glass or metal without modern ornamentation & cloth to drape over or disguise any modern items such as plastic coolers or folding chairs. Try to keep water bottles and soda cans out of sight.

A little on Etiquette, Traditions, & Unwritten Rules

As a Lady or Gentleman, offer to assist others in need, be it carrying, fetching, or cleaning. In the Society we pride ourselves on our manners & on our leaving sites cleaner than they were found.

Bow or curtsy when Royalty passes (the people in the pretty crowns/coronets) and, if you do not know the persons SCA title, address uncrowned members as Milord or Milady.

In the Kingdom of Meridies, similar to the custom of Middle Ages, we have the following sumptuary laws: do not wear a circlet unless you have been granted an Award of Arms (¼" band) and coronets are only for Royalty. Please do not wear a solid red, yellow, or green belt/sash-tradition reserves these for squires/proteges/apprentices respectively. Gold chains, solid white belts and spurs are reserved for knights.

Respect other member's property & ask permission before entering another's pavilion or encampment-it is best not to use encampments as short cuts. Always ask permission of the owner before touching any possession especially a blade, sword, bow or other martial arts weapon. All local Laws of the Land supersede the Laws of the SCA Kingdoms, Principalities, Baronies, etc. & will be enforced by the local Sheriff or Police, if needed.

The SCA is a great way to meet fun and interesting people, and to learn about the history of the middle ages and Renaissance. We encourage all newcomers to join us on an exciting trip Forward into the Past!

The Society for Creative Anachronism

The Kingdom of Meridies

The Principality of Gleann Abhann

Axemoor: Our neighbors to the South in the Greater New Orleans Area

Seleone: Our neighbors to the East in the Mississippi Gulf Coast Region

Wyrmgeist: Our neighbors to the West in the Baton Rouge Area

Iron Ox: Our neighbors to the Northwest in the Jackson, Mississippi Area

Dragoun's Weal: Our neighbors to the North in the Hattisburg, Mississippi Area