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Shire of Nord du Lac

Wintertide Festival 2002

Lovely Lady Lucia smiling warmly

Lady Sabine and Lord Wulfred enjoying each other's company

The Winter lights brighten up the dark sky.

Lady Hermione enjoying the party.

Lord Georg anticipating the presents.

Happy children: Ladies Dria and Fina.

The kids playing an intense Jenga game.

Lady Christina relaxing outside.

Baroness Francesca and Baron Shaul relating some of the misadventures they encountered that year.

When it finally became too cold to stay outside, everyone gathered in the den.

The Chinese Gift Exchange: Lady Medb helping Lord Howard opening one of his presents.

Everyone anticipating the Santa Lucia visiting with goodies.

The token beggar.

Enjoying the fire after the hard work of starting it.

Lord Tyrille enjoying the cool winter evening.

Lady Mebd, Lady Rowena and Baron Ragnar congregating near the vast food.

All those brave enough to dance outside in 40 degrees.

Even the children braved the cold to learn dancing. Little Lady Megan with Baroness Francesca and Lord Wolfred are being taught by Lady Sigrid and Baron Ragnar.

Baron Shaul learning the dance.

And more dancing.

More dancing with Lady Rebecca and Baron Ragnar

And more dancing.

The Society for Creative Anachronism

The Kingdom of Meridies

The Principality of Gleann Abhann

Axemoor: Our neighbors to the South in the Greater New Orleans Area

Seleone: Our neighbors to the East in the Mississippi Gulf Coast Region

Wyrmgeist: Our neighbors to the West in the Baton Rouge Area

Iron Ox: Our neighbors to the Northwest in the Jackson, Mississippi Area

Dragoun's Weal: Our neighbors to the North in the Hattisburg, Mississippi Area