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The Barony of Seleone & the Incipient Shire Nord du Lac invite you to
Harvest Home and Huntsman's Feast
October 17, 18, & 19, 2003
Fontainebleau State Park in Mandeville, La

Hallowtide is nigh upon us, the ingathering soon complete, the hunters have returned with their kill, now ‘tis time to “crown” a Harvest “queen” & celebrate Harvest Home with revelry, feasting,& dancing at the Masked Ball, & to ward off the demons of the night, stories round a Blazing Bonfire.

Classes: Special Speaker: Brain Surgeon, Dr. Kevin Smith on “Head Trauma in the Middle Ages” with a possible hands on demonstration!
Also “Hallowtide” Traditions with stories about Jack.
Activities include: A Quest, Crowning of a Harvest "queen", Masked Ball, & a Bardic Circle challenge, bring a story about “Jack” or Autumn
A&S Competitions & Contests: They’ll be a prize for the populous choice winner (no documentation required) & also a prize for Best entry fitting the theme—Autumn. Festoon your table & mayhap you’ll take home the prize for the Best Autumn themed table decorations at the Huntsmans Feast
Fierce Fighting: Bear pit style with Best Death & Rapier Competition
Children’s Activities: A mask making class and Nut hunt and a castle play area. Kids come in SCA garb or in costume as a mythological creature--fairy, hobbit, dragon etc.
With Feast Without Feast
Day Trip postmarked by 10/01 $14 $9
Day Trip postmarked After 10/01 $16 $11
Weekend with A/C cabin & delicious Huntsman’s Feast
Postmarked by 10/01 only $16 $11
Postmarked After 10/01 $18 $13
Children 5–12 ½ price *Non-members please add $3
Bring only unscented candles, please
Feast limited to first 100. Travelers fare Fri. night
Fundraiser Lunch on Sat.
No family pays more than 3 adult admissions.
Sorry, no tenting, merchants or pet, per park rules.
Alcoholic beverages are allowed. Gates open 5:00 p.m. Fri.; Site closes 10:00 a.m. Sun.
Make your Reservation now. Questions Call--
Reservations-- Lady Richenda de Braundeston 70514 L. St., Covington, LA 70433
(985) 893-3725
Make checks out to SCA, Inc. dba Barony of Seleone
Autocrat- THL Rebecca with the Greyhound aka Rebecca Lovingood 27268 Tag a Long St, Lacombe, LA 70445
(985) 882-9674
Feastocrat- Brenna McGill (504) 488-7311
Directions- In Louisiana, take 1-12 to Exit 65 then proceed south on Hwy. 59. At light, turn left onto Hwy 190, proceed 2.5 miles to the park entrance of Fontainebleau State Park in Mandeville, La. Event is at group camp #1, look for SCA signs.

Harvest Home and Huntsman's Feast
Schedule of Events for October 17, 18, & 19, 2003
Fontainebleau State Park in Mandeville, La
Be it known to all that the hour shall be marked directly by the candle and not “SCA time”

Friday 5 pm The Gates of Troll open
6:30 pm Travelers Feast
Games shall be set up if thou doth desire a bit of sport
Saturday 7:30 - 9 am Breakfast
Fighting Classes & Activities
8 - 9 am Field set-up 9 - 10 am A&S setup
9 - 10 am Armor Inspection 10 - 11 am “Medieval Harvest & Hallowe’en Traditions”
10 am - 2 pm Heavy Weapons Bear Pit 10 am - 2:30 pm A&S Populous viewing & Populous voting
12 - 2 pm Youth Combat 11 am - 2 pm An Intriguing Quest
11:30 am -1:00 pm Lunch
Rapier 2 - 3:30 pm “Head Trauma in the Middle Ages”
12 - 2 pm Bear Pit 2:30 pm A&S Voting ends
Children's Activities 3 pm A&S all displays must be picked up
10:30 - 11:30 am Mask Making Class *Note: Parents are responsible for picking up children promptly at11:00 for lunch & at 2:00. No children under six years of age unless supervised by their parent or a responsible party during the activities.
1 - 2 pm Nut Hunt
4:30 pm Court, Crowning of Harvest “queen ” & Lad or Lass.
5:30 pm Huntsman's Feast
8 pm Masked Ball & Dessert Revel
Storytelling around the Bonfire bring your songs, poems, & stories particularly about “Jack”, autumn or mayhap, something scary.
Sunday 10 am Site Closes
11 am Offsite or Dead!

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